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  • We Host your site better...

    Because we build them.

    We don't just host websites - we build them too. This gives us a unique advantage to provide a true, full-service solution for you website.

    • No management required.

      We handle migrations, maintenance, upgrades, backups, etc. - all in-house.

    • We make it lightning fast.

      We work with you both on the hosting and development side to ensure optimal performance.

    • All types of businesses.

      We serve local shops, regional powerhouses, and national suppliers. We can help you at any level.

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  • Our Servers are 100x Faster.

    Yes, Seriously.

    We keep our clients on the cutting-edge. With a 100% SSD Architecture, our servers can read and write data up to 100 times faster than traditional servers.

    • Welcome to the future.

      SSD Technology is quickly making traditional hard drives obsolete. We stay ahead of the game.

    • Power. Speed. Performance.

      With minimal I/O Latency thanks to SSD, our servers own the competition.

    • Why it matters.

      Faster servers provide faster websites. Faster websites = Happier Customers + Better SEO Rankings.

    Blazing Fast Speeds
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  • Never worry, ever again.

    We've got this.

    If your website has crashed before, you know how big of a deal it can be. If not, we will keep it from happening to you.

    • Real time monitoring.

      Our systems are monitored every minute, of every hour, of every day.

    • Rock solid reliability.

      Our team keeps your site running at its best, and fixes it if it breaks.

    • Self Healing.

      Our systems employ best-in-class failover technologies to ensure peace of mind.

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  • You can't afford a data loss.

    Don't risk it.

    We don't risk your data, ever. Too many times clients have lost huge investments with other providers by not having up-to-date, redundant backups. We protect our clients at every level.

    • 4x3x3x4 Backups.

      Backups are completed daily both on-site and off-site on RAID10 Enterprise-Grade Protected Systems.

    • Disaster Proof.

      All backups are replicated to multiple geo-diverse datacenters daily.

    • Immediate Restorations.

      Backups are available 24/7 from multiple sources to perform restorations as needed.

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Welcome to FLUXXgrid.
Built and managed by us, to perform.

We are an invite-only Website Hosting Provider currently available only to FLUXXagency Clients.

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Insane Performance

100% SSD Based + 10GBPS Backbone + Caching + CDN for Optimal Load Times.

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Military-Grade Security

SSAE-16 Type II SOC-1 Datacenters with 24/7 Adaptive Firewall Protection.

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Disaster-Proof Backups

Daily, File-Level Backups are secured in 3 Geo-Diverse Datacenters Worldwide.

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Auto-Scaling Resources to accommodate increases in traffic and function.

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Stable 99.9% Uptime

We ensure best-in-class operational stability for your mission-critical site.

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Monitored 1/24/7/365

Systems are monitored to the minute by our dedicated server admins.

monthly stats for grid.

81TB Data Hosted
17.2M Page Views
2.6M Unique Visitors
972MS AVG Load Time
100% 1YR Uptime

Auto ScalingGrid Label Img

Scale Up,
Scale Down

Scaleable, Burstable, Redundant.

FLUXX Grid on the Cloud
Unlimited Resources.

Utilizing Cloud Technology, FLUXXGRID auto-scales to expand and contract resources as necessary.

Server Scaling'; this.onerror=null Server Scaling Server Scaling Server Scaling'; this.onerror=null Server Scaling

Scale Down   Scale Up

Hosting + CDNGrid Label Img

served from
the nearest endpoint

10 Datacenters + 219 CDN Edge Locations.

Multi Location Markers Multi Location Map Worldwide Datacenters: Hong Kong, London, & Sydney.


Utilizing the same Content Delivery Network provider as Facebook® for the Ultimate in Speed and Reliability for your site.

Tier 1 Datacenters

Our datacenters are top-notch, with a worldwide presence + ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 Certified.

Grid ArchitectureGrid Label Img

Purpose Built.

Every node optimized to perform its job, working together with full redundancies built-in - eliminating single points of failure.

FLUXX Webmail

Built on experience

Our platform was created and is managed by us, hosted on cloud-based infrastructure.

Performance driven

Because we built the websites we host, we know how to make them scream.

Built to Perform.

Welcome to FLUXXGRID.

We not only build websites, we host them as well - giving our team the hands-on knowledge to ensure your site loads fast everywhere, and waiting sucks.

FLUXGRID GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.
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Uptime Report for FLUXXGRID [US-WEST]: Last 30 days Uptime Report for FLUXXGRID [US-EAST]: Last 30 days Uptime Report for DNS [GLOBAL]: Last 30 days
other websites try... AVG 2.5s + - Prior to FLUXXGRID Other Sites
Ours Perform. 945MS on FLUXXGRID.
FLUXX Grid Site Performance FLUXX Grid Site Performance FLUXX Grid Site Performance

Simply Priced.


$30/MO Billed annually or month-to-month.
  • Always Fully-Managed, Worry Free.
  • Our personal plan we recommend for just about any small website or blog. Limited on some features. Easily upgraded as you grow.
Most Popular

$50/MO Billed annually or month-to-month.
  • Always Fully-Managed, Worry Free.
  • The perfect balance of performance, mission-critical stability, and scalability. Ideal for most business informational websites with room to breathe.

$100/MO Billed annually or month-to-month.
  • Always Fully-Managed, Worry Free.
  • Perfect fit for high-traffic informational or start-up e-commerce websites. Completely scalable and configured to your websites needs.
Need even more power?
Need More Power?

Enterprise Plan: For sites with greater capability requirements, get a customized quote on our Enterprise Plan.
Click here for a customized hosting plan tailored to your sites needs.


What is website hosting?

Web Hosting refers to the computing resources (servers) required to make your website available to the public. There are various types, and choosing the right one is crucial. It's simply the engine that keeps your website running.

What does "Fully-Managed" mean?

We maintain all crucial software and plugin updates, keep disaster-proof backups, and consistently monitor to ensure your websites integrity and stability. Cheap Providers like GoDaddy & Hostgator do not provide this.

What makes FLUXXGRID different?

It's a business class, fully-managed solution that was built by us for speed, stability, and reliability for our clients. Because we build websites as well, we know how to fine tune and maximize performance.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Our systems are housed in SSAE-16 Type II SOC-1 Datacenters with 24/7 Adaptive Firewall Protection. (aka Military-Grade Specifications) and are only accessible through multi-factor authentications.

Is my data backed-up?

Yes. We take backups very seriously, protecting your investment. All data is backed up daily and stored in 3 Separate Geo-Diverse Datacenters Worldwide, completely ensuring data durability through any circumstance.

Does it include email hosting?

No. FLUXXGRID is a purpose-built website hosting platform, and your website, email hosting, DNS, and backups should always be separated systems to avoid points of failure. See Email Hosting for options.

Get Started with FluxxGrid.

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