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Stretching the Boundaries

One of DesignFluxx’s most ambitious projects, Yoga30 was an opportunity not only to showcase our eye for design, but to also give us a project that would be functionally demanding as well. The project required a high level of combined efforts across our entire team in the areas of branding, UI/UX Design, Upper-Level Development, and a robust hosting solution. Our teamwork payed off, and Yoga30 has become on of our most beloved team efforts.

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Yoga30 - Branding Concept Sketch


Modern + Traditional

Yoga30 tasked us with building a brand new identity from scratch with the primary directive to create a strong and professional brand while still conveying the passion the company had for yoga, mixing the modern and the traditional. Starting with concept sketches, and eventually expanding into an extensive print collateral, social media, and web application library.

Yoga30 - Branding Process
Yoga30 - Logo



Yoga30’s Custom User Interface and Responsive Web UI + Development was one of DesignFluxx’s most unique projects to date. A full and expanding library of streaming classes, individualized instructor profiles, and an in-depth subscription service with affiliate and fully automated billing systems – gave this project several levels of complexity. The end product was an easy to manage, automated, scalable solution for the client, and a great resource for end users.

Yoga30 - Homepage
Yoga30 - Video Library
Yoga30 - Instructor Profiles
Yoga30 - Responsive Web Design



In order to maintain a completely cohesive brand, DesignFluxx handled the print media for Yoga30 as well allowing various instructors as well as general promoters to spread the word about Yoga30.

Yoga30 - Business Card Mockup
Yoga30 - Business Card
Yoga30 - Logomark

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