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My Family Medical Group


My Family Medical Group wanted to build a colorful, bold brand that would make them stand apart from their competition. Using abstract imagery based on the typical size of an American family, we designed several welcoming, friendly logo marks that would invite families to be a part of their family friendly community.

My Family Medical Group - Sketches

Logo Concepts

Initial Concepts

The inital client direction included the use of the shape of a heart, a realistic silhouette of a family. and friendly, approachable typography that would be welcoming to new patients. Revisions to the initial concepts pushed the brand towards a more modern, abstract look. We used abstract marks to symbolize family and more organic shapes overall.

My Family Medical Group - Logo Concepts


In round three, color was added to get us closer to the final mark. The client wanted to focus on an atypical color scheme for the medical field, green and orange. In order to make the mark stand out even more amongst the competition, bold and bright shades of these colors to create a vibrant and lively brand.

My Family Medical Group - Logo Color and Finalization


Once the brand identity was complete, stationery concepts were designed. Because the mark was so vibrant and colorful, the designs were kept simple and clean to allow the logo to stand out on its own.

My Family Medical Group - Stationary
My Family Medical Group - Footer

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