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Digital Marketing & Integrated Campaigns

Highly Targeted, Cost-Effective Results with Proven ROI.

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Full-Spectrum Online Marketing

Digital Marketing
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Qualified Inbound Leads

Demographic + Platform + Keyword Based Targeting.

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Social Media Presence

Demographic + Interest Based. Increase Following.

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Retargeted Ads

Ensures Top-of-Mind Awareness and increases sales.

Research & Analyze

We identify your optimal prospects and create campaigns to reach them.

Design & Implement

Strategically Designed Campaigns are assessed, built, and monitored.

Report & Evolve.

We continuously review your campaigns and work with you to increase ROI.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our Proven Track Record.

Our reputation stands for itself when it comes to Organic SEO Results, as DesignFluxx, LLC ranks #1 for over 250 city-based industry keyword searches in California and beyond.

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Getting Started with SEO

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How quickly can I start to see results?

Depending on the type of campaign, we have options that can be designed, setup, and running within 5-7 Business Days - however most take strategy planning which varies.

Why Digital / Integrated Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the most-specific form and highest performing (ROI) form of advertising today. You spend money only to get clients you want.

What is re-targeting?

Ever visited a website and then seen an ad for that site later on? This is what we can do for you, giving you top-of-mind awareness to qualified leads.

What are the costs involved?

Depending on the type of campaign, costs may include design work, Campaign Building & Management, and 3rd Party Advertiser Costs.

Who sees my ads? Can I target specific groups?

Yes, we can target by demographics, interests, search terms, social interests etc. - leveraging the 91% of consumers who search online first.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. This can broadly encompass singular or various methods of connecting clients to your company through the internet.

Why not just focus on organic SEO?

This is an option, however is a long-term and usually difficult method of achieving results based on your industry and competition.

What is the advantage of PPC Digital Advertising?

Faster, targeted/trackable results with multiple approaches to achieve initial contact, follow-up contact, and top-of-mind awareness to prospective buyers.

Take your business to new heights.

91% of your customers are looking at digital first. Don't miss out.

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